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Room Reservations

Rooms are provided at library locations for various activities.  We use them for library programs but they are also available for the public.

There are STUDY ROOMS at both locations as well as MEETING ROOMS.  Some rooms may be reserved for library use only.  In order to reserve a room, you can do it yourself online, or call one of the library locations and a staff person will go through the process with you.  All rooms except study rooms must be booked at least 2-3 days in advance.

Locations and Rooms

Belt Branch (Both Levels) in St. Joseph

  • Study Room 1     Max: 2 people. Work Surface, 2 Chairs.
  • Study Room 2    Max: 2 people. Work Surface, 2 Chairs.
  • Community Room     Max: 30 people. Data Projector, Screen, 10 Tables.
  • Upper Story (Large Venue)    Max: 130 people. Data Projector, Screen, 16 Tables.

Savannah Branch in Savannah

  • Study Room A    Max: 2 people. Work Surface, 2 Chairs.
  • Study Room B    Max: 2 people. Work Surface, 2 Chairs.
  • Meeting Room    Max: 75 people. Data Projector, Screen, 8 Tables.

Virtual Rooms!!  You can reserve a virtual Zoom room at no charge to meet with family, friends, or for your community group or club.


Availability and Fees

  • The Meeting Rooms of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library are made available free of charge to not-for-profit groups in the community.
  • The Meeting Rooms of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library may be rented by for-profit organizations, individuals for private parties, or by businesses for non-commercial use (such as training seminars, etc.), to which the public is not invited. The Library Board will set the fee for meeting room use annually.  Currently the fee is $50 per use.


  • Library-sponsored programs will receive first priority.
  • The purposes and objectives of these organizations or groups must not violate the public interest.
  • The library will not reserve its meeting rooms for:
    • Events promoting specific political candidates.
    • Non-library related groups selling or promoting items or services.
    • Activities likely to disturb regular library functions.
    • Individuals, organizations, or groups presenting programs the primary purpose of which is the disparagement or denigration of another individual, organization, or group.
  • All groups or organizations scheduling a meeting room must fill out the online Application for Meeting Room prior to the day of its use. Library staff may assist in filling out the form.
  • No admission fees or collections will be allowed for any event scheduled in meeting rooms. Pass-through costs for educational materials may be collected.
  • Library-sponsored events for the purpose of raising funds for the library are allowed.
  • Organizations or groups desiring to use library equipment in the meeting rooms must request permission for its use when applying for the meeting room. Any group using such equipment shall assume full responsibility for any damage to equipment while it is in their possession. At least 48 hours’ notice is required for technology equipment setup. Please be on notice that the library does not have technology staff available evenings or weekends.
  • The organization is responsible for room arrangement. Chairs and tables will be made available as requested on the room reservation form and in accordance with room size limitations.
  • No materials, equipment or furniture belonging to the organization will be stored on library premises, and the library will not assume responsibility for any materials or items left on the premises.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Light refreshments may be served but must be catered or brought in by the group, as well as all supplies and service pieces. The library expects reasonable clean-up of the space used, including all trash picked up and spills wiped up.  If the carpet or furnishings are soiled beyond normal usage by attendees, the organization will be billed for the cost of cleaning.
  • Groups using library meeting rooms are asked to not serve red or dark colored beverages and to not use glitter or confetti in decorations. No tape should be applied to walls or other surfaces.  Damage or excessive clean-up will incur additional charges.
  • The use of the meeting room must not detrimentally affect the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library’s insurance coverage limitations.
  • If a meeting is canceled, the library must be notified at once unless unexpected hazardous weather or other emergencies occur.
  • The meeting room may be reserved up to 90 days in advance of current date.
  • Because the purpose of providing the meeting rooms is to make them available to as many community groups as possible, reservations will be taken on a first come basis.
  • The Library Director or designee may approve meeting room usage outside of these rules upon request. Appeals regarding meeting room decisions will be directed to the library Board of Trustees.

Left pointing arrow    Go to the Room Bookings page and request a room.